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2Days with Rob Bell

2Days with Rob Bell
Monday/Tuesday January 13/14
Monday/Tuesday February 10/11

What is it?
Two days with Rob Bell in a smallish teaching/interacting/Q&A setting

Where is it?
Hotel Seven4one
741 South Coast Highway
Laguna Beach, CA

How long are the sessions each day?
9a.m. to 9p.m. with just the right breaks for food and surfing.

How do I register?
You can register now at

How much does it cost?

How similar will this be to the 2Day events Rob did last year?
Quite similar, but with some new insights and content and teachings.

Where do I stay?
We recommend the Pacific Edge Hotel which is a two minute walk from the venue, although almost everything hotel related in Laguna is within walking distanceā€¦ (There won’t be any rooms available at the Hotel Seven4one.)

Where do I eat?
There are countless restaurants in either direction within easy walking distance, from the pricey to Taco Bell to Wahoo’s, which you have to eat at if you haven’t before. There’s also a Whole Foods a few blocks away and a Ralph’s grocery store directly across the street.

Will there be child care?

Hold on, did you say breaks for surfing?
Yes. On the second day we’ll take a long lunch and go surfing. We’ll bring in some pro surfers to give lessons for those who are up for it-bring $50 for instruction and board/wetsuit rental. If you already surf, there are lots of shops that will rent you a board so you can join us. And yes, it will be as great as it sounds.

Will there be any surprise guests?
Maybe. If you knew, then it wouldn’t be a surprise.

What’s the closest airport?
Orange County Santa Ana John Wayne airport is about 20 minutes away. LAX, Long Beach, and San Diego airports are a little less than an hour with no traffic, half a day if traffic is bad. Best bet is to take a shuttle/taxi/car service to your hotel, eliminating the need for a rental car.

What do you mean by smallish?
100 people.

Seriously? That’s it?

Who is this event for?
Leaders, teachers, business owners, pastors, creatives, people in health care-anyone whose work involves creating something and then turning it loose in the world.

If I can’t make this one or it fills up before
I register, will there be another one? Give us your email here and when future dates are set, you’ll get a heads up.

What will Rob be teaching/talking about?
- How do we feed our own soul when so much of our life and work is about leading and speaking and giving to others?
- How do we find space to open up and think and breathe deeply when our schedule is so full so often?
- How do you know when to stay and try to make something that’s been around a while better and when it’s time to start something new?
- What do we do with doubts/questions/struggles we have that if we shared them with the people we lead and work with they may head for the doors? (Or they’d send us for the door?)
- Where do new ideas come from?
- Where does the Bible fit in 2014?
- Does the creative process ever get easier?
- How does a talk/teaching/message/speech go from an idea or insight to something that’s ready to be delivered?
- How do we handle criticism? And does itĀ get any easier?
- How do we communicate to people who are at very different stages of growth and maturity and worldview and yet they’re all part of the same group?

Can I add to that list of topics?
Sure, raise your hand on the first day.

What if I purchase a spot but then can’t make it?
You can get a refund up until 10 days before the event at which point it becomes a credit for a future event.

What about all of the other information about this?
This is it.

Why is Rob doing this?
Because sometimes we need to drop what we’re doing, step out of our routine, breathe in some fresh air, and be reminded that we signed up for a revolution.

Register now at