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Rob Bell and Richard Rohr
The New Thing in the Air
A 2Day Event
March 10/11, 2015

Richard Rohr and Rob Bell together?

What will they be doing?
Teaching and interacting with each other and taking questions and just generally enjoying themselves immensely.

What will they be teaching on?
God, Jesus, expanding consciousness, your true self, and the sense many people have that a new expression of faith is arising that is fully capable of thriving in the new world we find ourselves in…

Where is the event?
Bridge Hall
340 St. Ann’s Drive
Laguna Beach, California

What are the exact times of the event?
Tuesday night the 10th from 7-9pm
Wednesday the 11th from 9am-Noon and then 2-5pm.

Where do we stay?
There are a number of hotels within walking distance of the venue, we recommend The Pacific Edge.

Where do we park?
The venue has a number of parking spots and there are metered spots on the street. Ideally you take a shuttle from the airport to your hotel and then you can easily walk everywhere.

Where is the nearest airport?
John Wayne/Santa Ana/Orange County is the closest, there’s also Long Beach and LAX and San Diego within an hour or two depending on traffic.

Where do we eat?
There are many restaurants close by, from fast food to Wahoo’s to vegetarian to a place two blocks away that makes a potato taco to a place four blocks away that serves duck tacos. There’s also a grocery store across the street and a Whole Foods a few blocks away.

$300. Register here.

Will there be surfing?
Of course. On day the event starts(Tuesday) we’ll go surfing together. If you’ve never surfed, this is your moment. Cost is $50 for board, wetsuit, and lesson. Email to sign up.

Is there an event the day after this event?
Yes, there is, Rob will be doing a 1Day event the next day (Thursday the 12th) dealing with the challenges and joys of the creative process-from how it works to dealing with criticism to learning to enjoying your work more.

What are the times of this 1Day event?
9am to 9pm with breaks for lunch (12-2) and dinner (5-7).

How much does it cost?
$200. Register here.

Can you tell us more about the content of this 1Day?
Sure. We all have work we’re doing, things we’re making, something we’re creating in the world, from a home to a business to a nonprofit organization to a piece of art to a sermon or talk.

All work is, at some level, creative work. And, as we all know, sometimes it can be joyous and euphoric and other times maddening, frustrating, and really, really difficult, not to mention lonely. There are the obvious questions, like 

Where do new ideas come from?
How do you stay focused on your vision when the people around you don’t see what you see?
How do you deal with critics and setbacks and obstacles?
How do you stay patient and let things come into being in their own time?

And those questions inevitably take you deeper into questions of soul and spirit, questions like

How do you stay inspired year after year?
How do you know which risks to take?
How can you become the kind of person is who more alive and adventurous and grounded and centered the older you get?
When do you leave the work you’re doing and go do something else?
How do you know which of those still small voices in your head is ego and which is your true self?

These are the questions Rob will be teaching on in this 1Day event. 

What if I purchase a spot but then can’t make it?
You can get a refund up until 10 days before the event at which point it becomes a credit for a future event.

So, to be clear-Tuesday evening and Wednesday with Richard and Rob followed by a day with Rob teaching on how to live a creative life in whatever it is that you do?