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Happy New Year friends! So much for us to talk about. My wife Kristen and I recently released our book The Zimzum of Love, my eCourse is up and running (it’s a series of films and lessons on finding joy and meaning in everyday life), an episode of my new television show recently premiered on the OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network (I’ll give you a heads up if it becomes available online), Richard Rohr and I are doing an event together in March, and of course we’re at part 75 of the What is the Bible? series. 

75 parts. It went by so fast. 

First, a number of you have been asking if this series will be available at some point in a more easily accessible form, like a PDF or a book. The answer is yes. We’re working on it, and we will have some news for you shortly. 

Second, I’ve learned so much from your questions. You people are fascinating! I’ve tried to respond personally through Tumblr to each of you, but keeping up has been next to impossible. What I’ve observed interacting with you here on Tumblr is that there are generally two kinds of questions you are asking. 

The first kind deals with the Bible itself-specific verses and words and concepts and passages and characters and sayings, the gist usually being something along the lines of 

When it says ______, what does that mean? 

These are great questions, and many of them I’ve found myself asking over the years, but here’s the thing: they’re endless. We’ll never get to the end of them. (I gave you a reading list of books and resources [Part 20] that can give you a ton of guidance in reading the Bible in a new way, I highly recommend trying some of the books.)

The second kind of questions you’re asking are less about the Bible and more about what it looks like to have a vibrant, humming spiritual life. They’re questions about faith, God, spirituality, meaning, transcendence, growth, how to deal with people who aren’t on the same journey that you are on, that sort of thing. Which, of course, means it’s time to start a podcast. 

Or, if you’d like, a RobCast. (Please tell me you’re laughing. Be honest, at first you were like RobCast and you rolled your eyes. But it’s starting to grow on you, isn’t it? Say it with me now, RobCast.) 

One of my intentions with this new podcast is to deal with these exact sort of questions you’re asking about what the spiritual life looks like in the modern world we find ourselves in. You can listen to the first one here. You can also subscribe at iTunes to get episodes automatically.

and you can send your questions for me to talk about on the podcast (RobCast!) to

I am so excited about this podcast. I continue to hear from so many of you who either used to listen to my teachings on the Mars Hill podcast or you simply feel alone, like you’re seeing things in a new way and you aren’t surrounded by people who are having the same kinds of insights. I want you to know that you are not alone, you’re not crazy, we’re in this together, and you really can have the kind of full and joyful life Jesus said we can have.