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Keep Going
A 2Day Event with Rob Bell
Peter Rollins
Vicky Beeching
Carlton Cuse
Pete Holmes
and Kristen Bell

When is it?
June 15-16, 2015.

So Rob, why are you doing this event?
I’m doing this event for all of you who are growing and learning and changing and evolving and you’re discovering that not everyone around you is seeing what you’re seeing. Friends, family, spouses, coworkers, employers-what do you do when you’re more alive than ever, and yet all this new life is also bringing with it all kinds of disruption and grief and criticism and even loneliness? For some of you who are leaders, your growth has direct implications for your employment. For others, the new life you’re experiencing is deeply unsettling for some of your most significant relationships.

This event is designed to help you walk this path with peace and integrity and even joy. I’ll be giving some new talks on courage and fear and the science of the soul, and I’ve invited some of my friends to speak from their own experience and expertise…

Pete Rollins and I have been friends since we met in the summer of 2008 and talked for two days straight. Pete is a philosopher, storyteller, and author from Belfast, and he’s taught me so much about what’s often hidden in the heartbreak and ambiguity and disruptions of life. 

Vicky Beeching will be here as well and I’m thrilled. She’s a musician, a public theologian and social commentator-did I mention that she’s British and went to Oxford? Vicky will be talking, among other things, about how doing your interior work is so integrally related to having the courage to keep going.

Carlton Cuse is a beloved friend who has taught me a world of wisdom about perseverance, faith, and being true to yourself. He also happens to make television shows. Like LOST. And Bates Motel. And The Strain. 

Pete Holmes. Whether you’re fan of his stand up or his podcast or the now legendary The Pete Holmes Show, to say that Pete is a comedian is only the start. For so many of us, his relentless curiosity about the world and more specifically the soul is endlessly inspiring. And, of course, he’s funny. 

Kristen Bell! is the New York Times Best Selling co-author of The Zimzum of Love and the mother of three and-seriously, how do I begin to explain what Kristen brings to an event like this? She has a grounded, centered wisdom that I’ve relied on for 20 years…

At the heart of the these two days is the conviction that you can keep going, that you can do your inner work, becoming more courageous and kind and open and compassionate in the process. You are not alone, and if we get a group of us-400 or so-in the same room and talk about these things, who knows what will happen?

Where is the event?
The Laguna Playhouse
606 Laguna Canyon Rd
Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Where do we stay?
There are a number of hotels within walking distance of the theatre in Laguna Beach. You can also find one 10-20 minutes away in Irvine, Aliso Viejo, or Laguna Niguel.

Where do we park?
The venue has a number of parking spots across the street, and there there are also metered spots in either direction.

Where is the nearest airport?
John Wayne/Santa Ana/Orange County is the closest, there’s also Long Beach, LAX and San Diego within an hour or two depending on traffic.

Where do we eat?
There are lots of restaurants within walking distance, from fast food to Wahoo’s to vegetarian to a place that makes a potato taco to a place four blocks away that serves duck tacos. There’s also a grocery store a ten minute walk away and a Whole Foods down the street.

What are the times of the event?
9am to 9pm both days, with breaks for lunch (12-2) and dinner (5-7).

$300. Click Here to Register.

What if I purchase a spot but then can’t make it?
You can get a refund up until 10 days before the event at which point it becomes a credit for a future event with the same price.

Will there be surfing?
Did you even have to ask? Of course. The day after the event we’ll go surfing together. If you’ve never surfed, this is your moment. Cost is $50 for board, wetsuit, and lesson. Email to sign up.